Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TRIAL of SEASONS part 1 by Sickivionkey

A near perfect creation. From start to finish this one just doesn't let you go. It darn near feels like its own game due to its sheer originality and creative art design.
The creator stated that he will make more depending on feedback. So go play this now!! I would kill to see all other parts of this saga.
It's near flawless.... length is perfect and the gameplay is unlike anything you've played before. You're constantly doing something else in this level. Every section feels extremely well crafted and thought out.
Go play this and give the author some love.

Level Design: 9
Replay Value: 8
Aesthetics: 9
Fun Factor: 8
Originality: 9
Difficulty: 7
Length: 7

Overall Score: 9.5 (not an average)

1 comment:

Sickivionkey said...

I appreciate the feedback! I've been a fan of your reviews since LBP came out, so to me this ranks right up there with being an actual celebrity.

I've started part 2, but no promises on when it will be finished. (As you may have guessed, my wife and I playtest the **** out of my levels as I go along).