Monday, December 15, 2008

Dry Imagination by Blobtastic ( LittleBigPlanet Review League Level Review )


- Exploration based level done well!

- Great variety in environments coupled with fantasic design.

- Fun to find everything!!!


- A little bland at times.

- I wanted more!


- Category: Platformer

- Time Completed: 12 minutes

- Difficulty: Easy

- Gameplay: 7 Out of 10 Stars

It's good overall but just too ..careful. The design doesn't feel daring enough to give a good sense of gameplay. It's there but it's just not going to blow you away.
What is great about this level though is the fact that you can really go into any direction you like. You can even walk straight to the finish if you're so eager.
But the point here really is to collect as many points as you can scattered throughout the level in a many of its nooks and crannies.
So if you love levels in which you'll need to explore a LOT then this is your thing, it doesn't get any better than this.

- Aesthetics-Design (Graphics+Sounds): 8 Out of 10 Stars

Beautifully polished level... Everything is just amazing to look at and is very colourful. Think Green Hill Zone in Sonic. There's also plenty of variety as you'll be able to walk on the hills of grass.. venture into the caves or go off into space.
This level is absolutely delicious to look at... There's also plenty of original creations here and there.

- Originality: 7 Out of 10 Stars

At first you'll feel like nothing here is new... or unique. But you're wrong. Never have I seen a level which lets you go any direction at all. There's no real goal other than to explore. This is a good idea and it's executed extremely well. The contraptions are a little bland at times though.. that would be my only complaint in regards to originality.

- Final Score: 8.8 Out of 10 Stars

Possibly the best exploration level I've played yet. I had so much fun to collect every single point... I went back and forth trying to find more and more secrets. They're very well hidden and it just feels great when you find one. Overall this level is also very well polished on every level. You never feel lost, confused or frustrated.
I highly recommend this one!

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