Saturday, December 6, 2008

Major Sackboy's Space Mission by StupidLdiot

This one took me by surprise as it was sent to me by someone on youtube who wanted me to have a look at his level...
This level really showcases the author's ability to create amazing original contraptions and .. well.. things. Everything works really well in this level... a lot of the vehicles perform quite well and there's a few other original ideas here and there.
It's got amazing variety which I absolutely love .. and some cool surprises as well.
My only complaint is that it's a little bland at times and it's not always clear where you're meant to go next (say.. after defeating a boss). It's not a big gripe though.
I recommend playing this right now. It's an all round great looking level that's fun to play.

Level Design: 7
Replay Value: 7
Aesthetics: 8
Fun Factor: 7
Originality: 8
Difficulty: 7
Length: 9

Overall Score: 8.4 (not an average)

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