Saturday, December 6, 2008

Earthquake Evasion by The_Killian

This is my first video review I'm posting for the review league ... you can find the original thread at


-Realistic EarthQuake physics, WOW!

-Multiple paths

-Brilliant atmosphere

-Magnificent variety in gameplay


-Could use more interesting coloured lighting effects


-Category: Platformer/Adventure

-Time Completed: 10

-Prizes?: Yes yes yes. A great souvenir at the end too.

-Difficulty: Medium

-Gameplay: 9 Out of 10 Stars

An absolutely incredible experience in terms of gameplay.

As you start off things seem pretty generic and normal.. You're in a mine then all of a sudden an earthquake hits you. The entire screen shakes like crazy... What's cool about this is that you can't jump the way you're used to since you're bouncing all over the place. This mechanic occurs several times in the level. It's good that it's not ongoing since it's nice to have a break from it now and then. Other than that there's some amazing platforming elements here... Tons of surprises that test your reaction speed and even a minor puzzle.

-Graphics: 7.5 Out of 10 Stars

Fantastic in terms of basic design aesthetic. Everything looks and feels like a mine... with rocks everywhere and man-made things made out of wood. While everything looks good enough I wish it looked even better... The diamonds look a little silly and hard to believe and the lighting is too flat and repetitive. The level could also do with a different colour tone overall (which is 1 press of a button). This is something that can be fixed very easily and isn't a major problem or distraction.

-Sound: 9 Out of 10 Stars

Great! Very convincing and heavy bass rumbling earthquake effect.. and the music was very fitting for what kind of level it is. Sound effects are sparse but effective enough.

-Originality: 9 Out of 10 Stars

We've all seen levels that take place in the dusty old mines... but this one adds an amazing twist to it and uses it very well. The earthquake really takes the spotlight in this level even though there are plenty of other fantastic and original ideas that often surprise you.

-Final Score: 9.1 Out of 10 Stars (not an average)

Amazing on every level. It's never too frustrating.. never bores or tires and has good replay value to boot due to its sheer amount of wonderful secrets hiding in many of the mine's crevices. It's got wonderful variety as well in terms of gameplay.. constantly surprises you and never fails to entertain.

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Ygrath said...

I found the high road at the beginning to be easier, personally. Mostly because I have an inherent ability to always slip between the boards on bridges.