Thursday, November 27, 2008

ICO (finished version) by Mushroom_Samba

A level based off one of my favourite video games of all time... ICO.
I'll admit it, I was quite sceptical at first. But this mindset quickly changed...
If you've played ICO before then you'll truly be able to admire all the effort and brilliance on display here. Even if you haven't played it.. read on anyway.
Mushroom_Samba has done something quite amazing. He has replicated the entire game. Not just one level.. no.. the entire game experience from start to finish. It's basically a summed up version of the game highlighting all the important aspects of it... from level design, to story... to atmosphere and many key moments in the original game.
You go through the level guiding a girl called Yorda while you overcome some more difficult platforming... You'll need to clear up certain areas to be able to continue along with her. She acts as a key to many of the level's doors.
I cannot think of anything I don't like about this amazing creation. Everything is very well designed in a simplistic yet intricate way. The level flow is absolutely perfect... variety's there also, and even a proper ending to the level.
This feels like a masterpiece from beginning to end.
This is the best LittleBigPlanet level I've played so far.
Go play this now.. and enjoy.

Level Design: 10
Replay Value: 6
Aesthetics: 10
Fun Factor: 9
Originality: 9
Difficulty: 6
Length: 10

Overall Score: 9.9 (not an average)

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