Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Puzzle Train by Link_AJ

This level made my food go cold, I just couldn't stop playing it.
You start off on a cool looking car (right away).. and your car bumps into a moving train which you must then jump on. That's when the race begins, this level is timed.
You move from carriage to carriage while the train is moving. But every carriage has very unique and different kind of puzzles or obstacles.
This is one of the coolest LBP levels I've played so far. It's just amazing and I can't wait to play it again to beat my previous time.
When you beat the level something awesome happens by the way.
Go play it now and enjoy!!!

Level Design: 9
Replay Value: 10
Fun Factor: 7
Originality: 9
Difficulty: 7
Length: 4

Overall Score: 9.6(not an average)

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