Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inverted Planet by Metal_Josh (and a bit of Silent Hill)

Because his Silent Hill level was so amazing I decided to check out more of his work.. This is his first level. It's actually a major contrast since the Silent Hill level focuses more on exploration and is grim and dark... while this is fun, happy, bright and has a lot of platforming.
It's actually really unique in that you must jump over hazards and collect points while the planet rotates. Kinda like that wheel bit in the MM level The Bunker but a lot more fun and exciting.
It's short but you have to check it out.

Level Design: 8
Replay Value: 8
Fun Factor: 8
Originality: 9
Difficulty: 3
Length: 2

Overall Score: 8.9 (not an average)

~~~In the video I mention his Silent Hill level which I won't show to prevent spoilers.. However, here is the written review~~~

Review for: Our Sanctuary Of Memories Vol. 1 - A Silent Hill tribute by Metal_Josh

This level is insanely creepy... there's even a pyramid head appearance which scared the crap out of me. Play it while you can .. hopefully it won't get moderated.
There are a lot of really cool and clever puzzles in this level. Quite a bit of fun exploration too. And a LOT of weird and scary moments. You HAVE to play this right now now now.
It'd be such a shame if this would get removed.

Level Design: 9
Replay Value: 6
Fun Factor: 6
Originality: 8
Difficulty: 6
Length: 7

Overall Score: 9.1 (not an average)


blizzard said...

Dude please review my stage Tunnel up!!! Please.. I beg u... It's really good (sounds kinda wierd coming from the man who created it, WARNING self advertising :-/ )
But pls do the review... I'm like the only one that leaves some comments :)
PLEASE.... wow I'm desperate (or misrable, ther's like a thin line btw it..) so pls do a review!
U rock!

blizzard said...

Know... u rock was kiss uping( is that even a word? )

blizzard said...

Please review it.... x3
Please review it.... x3
Please review it.... x3
Please review it.... x3

Beethy said...

lol fine... it's not normally the way I do things but I'll have a look :)