Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rise of the Black Kaiser by Arcade-Fever

You know when I say "My only complaint is that your level lacks atmosphere."?
Look at this level, that's how you do it.... That's atmosphere.
In this level you fight through a volcanic mountain. Everything just feels so HOT!! There's a lot of difficult jumps you must make if you want to get the high score (I ranked so low, lol). And the enemy designs are absolutely beautiful.
There are 3 types of dragons in this level.... 1 which is trash mob.. then 1 mini boss and 1 HUGE boss. They all looked so amazing. Look at these if you want to know what you're up against for good creature design, authors.
What's actually really damn cool is that the author ramped up the difficulty for trash mobs by using the height of the ground. They're easy to kill in the beginning because you can easily jump on their heads.. but later it gets trickier because the ground gets a little harder to jump off. Very clever way of increasing enemy difficulty while not changing the actual enemy at all.
Anyway, I just loved playing this. It's a hard level.. but feels so satisfying when you're done. You really feel like you're inside a dangerous mountain that's hot as hell.
I only have 1 tiny complaint...... not enough variety in atmosphere. Since the author is so good at creating brilliant ambiance I would've liked to see some variety, but that may be a personal issue of mine.
Highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!

Level Design: 7
Replay Value: 7
Aesthetics: 9
Fun Factor: 7
Originality: 8
Difficulty: 9
Length: 7

Overall Score: 9.3 (not an average)

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Gabriel said...

Hehe, Actually that dragon you cant pass can be killed by standing parallel to the brain and jumping while the head is pointing down, try it out and see if you can pass it, I would like your review to reach the end so people can see the last boss of my lvl. XD

let see if I can draw it:

-----D---- Back
----DDDD-- Middle
----SD---- Front

D = Dragon Leg
DDDD = Dragon Body (head to tail)
S = Your Sackboy/Sackgirl