Wednesday, November 26, 2008

KingSword Ep.2 by vegafoo

The first of this series is one of my favourite levels so far.. I gave it a 9.4 in fact.
Now lets talk about this one.. episode 2.
I'll be completely honest because that's what I promised to do.
When I started up the level I nearly facepalmed because a level template was used. Thankfully that was only for the first 1 minute of gameplay.
This one takes place at night again... and you have to infiltrate a castle and defeat an evil King (or Wizard? Big old angry guy).
Anyway, what's so cool is how you enter this start the stage outside, then go underground and meet up with some mole miners.... then you work your way up to the castle.
The castle is split into 3 very distinct sections, you must pass all these to go up to the final boss.
This may already be obvious (especially if you have played Ep.1)but the level design is absolutely incredible here. You never feel bored, never get stuck... you never stop having fun. In fact, I wouldn't mind playing this level again and again.
Hopefully Vegafoo continues the KingSword Episodes since the mood is always so kickass and the little hints of story here and there never cease to amuse.

Level Design: 9
Replay Value: 7
Aesthetics: 7
Fun Factor: 8
Originality: 8
Difficulty: 7
Length: 8

Overall Score: 9.3 (not an average)

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