Sunday, November 23, 2008

Robotic Automatic by RagnarokRed

He says it's unfinished... I say he's too modest. This level is amazing and already feels like a finished product.
RagnarokRed likes to surprise you by putting you in situations you wouldn't expect. ..And that's exactly what he did with this level again. This guy is full of original and very creative ideas I'd like to know what he eats for breakfast.
This stage is set in a pretty huge battlefield(on an airship.. I think). It looks gorgeous and plays unlike anything you've played before. The difficulty scales well and ramps up nicely near the end.. But since the creator is fair with checkpoints you'll never find yourself feel frustrated. The flow is so ultra smooth and interesting, not at one point did I not know where to go next. Every object, point and hazard feels perfectly placed.
All the creator needs to do is make it feel like more of a battlefield by using more effects and maybe some moving lights that shake back and forth from time to time to really make it feel like a war... the atmosphere feels a little more sedated compared to his last level so I'm sure he will be fixing this.
Play this level right now. It's amazing.
(Just rerated the level as a new section has been added which adds lots of awesome)

Level Design: 10
Replay Value: 9
Originality: 9
Difficulty: 7
Fun Factor: 10
Length: 7

Overall Score:9.8 (not an average)

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